style tips


Lots of ideas for wearing or matching your Bonâme pieces with what you find in your closet.

The plus of the Bonâme wardrobe: it matches everything, everything, everything and gives an extra bit of style and allure to everything, everything, everything.


short-sleeved blouse

The George shirt is constructed from the lines of the Romantic era (circa 1830), with:

. short sleeves but not too much, puffy but not too much either (we want to avoid the little model girl look)

. drooping shoulders (softness and not exaggerated power woman shoulders!)

. a masculine button-up (we're still talking about George Sand who stole men's wardrobes)

. a slightly rounded blouse collar which can be easily opened, closed up to the top without it looking too strict and tie

. enough length that you can tie it for a cooler look.

Here I show you how to match George with what we all have in our closet:

- jeans

- wide black pants

- a black jacket

- a black pencil or loose skirt

Opposite, in black : the great classic. Walk with everything, all the time. Chic but not dull thanks to the little silver buttons.

All the colours


5 looks: with jeans, with a pencil skirt (with or without jacket), with a tie, with black pants, with a Cléo skirt


The same looks but in blue! I particularly like it with denim or white jeans.


A beautiful deep but soft red, very slightly pink to give a pretty complexion.

Indian Rose

Ah, this color is full of shine. It works very well with jeans in summer or in contrast with black.


Between burgundy, wine lees and eggplant...A deep and chic color. A kind of faux black to wear with everything.