Size guide

How do our clothes fit?

Bonâme clothing fits differently depending on the model. for example: the SAnd blouse is a slightly oversized model, which runs large because that's how it is worn. The Cléo jacket or skirt are fitted models and therefore cut close to the body.

To help you choose, you can refer to the product sheets: each item of clothing offered on our site gives you information on how it fits (wide, fitted, tight) and advice on the size to choose.


In the table opposite, you will find what the size standards from 34 to 44 correspond to.

If you do not know your measurements, see an explanatory diagram below for taking them.

If you have a special request, a wish to modify a size, we work with a partner for the alteration according to the scale below.

Take your measurements

Take a measuring tape (soft seamstress's meter) with you. Measure the distance from one point to another by holding the tape straight and plumb for straight lines and not too tight for curves and circumference measurements (waist, chest, hips, arms)

1) Waist measurement : take at the thinnest point of the waist

2) Chest measurement : to be taken at the strongest point of the chest

3) Small hips : halfway between the waist and the top of the legs

4) Hip circumference: to be taken at the strongest point of the pelvis (often the top of the thighs)

5) waist to ground length: taken from the waist down to the feet

6) arm length: from the tip of the shoulder to the wrist