JEMA 2024

Pour les Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art, Bonâme s'associe avec 4 autres artisanes du 9e pour un parcours sur le thème du cabaret, de la scène et du costume.

Miss France in Bonâme!

Delightful news for the end of the year. For her very first TV and radio sets, Eve Gilles, newly elected Miss France 2024, wore the Cléo jacket in chocolate velvet. It is a happy surprise for Bonâme to be spotted, among the big and prestigious brands, by this young woman thrust into the media spotlight in one evening.

The Paris of modernity

As part of the exhibition which retraces the whirlwind of cultural, political and artistic Parisian life at the beginning of the 20th century, Bonâme is exhibiting its accessories at the Petit Palais boutique.

It is with great pride that we have settled into the pretty shelves of this cultural setting. The Petit Palais has had very rich exhibitions for several seasons. Sarah Bernhardt, Boldini...and now the Paris of modernity.

September 2023

Concept store La Partisienne

Bonâme is a guest designer for La Partisienne and Danse FIber, two eco-responsible lingerie and dancewear brands. They are opening a brand new eco-responsible concept store at 15 rue Cardinet in Paris 17th.

For the launch theme "reconnection", Bonâme is exhibiting its collar, cape and jabot style accessories in crepe, silk satin and lace.

summer 2023

Exceptional Made in France Pop-up Store

Throughout the summer of 2023, Bonâme is part of the exceptional Made In France concept store. Under the patronage of Laura Tenoudji , for the benefit of the Raphaël Institute , the La Vallée VIllage shopping center, a mecca for luxury shopping, brings together for the first time 7 Made in France brands in a beautiful concept store which highlights the breadth of French know-how.

April 2023

The Canals Fashion Show

FOR the launch of fashion revolution week, Bonâme is participating in the fashion show of creators from the UAMEP collective. It is the Cléo silhouette, carried by the haughty Kiko who parades in majesty along the Ourcq canal.

January 2023

Unite for greater impact

The year 2023 is that of the vote on European resolutions to reform the textile economy at the global and local level.

Bonâme, whose constituent values ​​are rooted in eco-responsibility, joins two organizations focused on the promotion and active support of a more virtuous and conscious fashion in these processes.

UAMEP (an acronym for another fashion is possible) which brings together creative talents around the reflection of sustainable and conscious fashion creation. Fashion Green Hub which works to revitalize local textile ecosystems throughout France.

December 8, 2022

Artistic crafts and stage costume

Artistic crafts take on realities that are as diverse as they are fascinating: working with wood, stone, textiles, needle embroidery, feather crafts...

Invited by the town hall of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, I had the pleasure of being able to speak about this very particular ecosystem of passionate Parisian artisans alongside Caroline Valentin, Art Embroiderer of the Moulin Rouge, talented accomplice of the network of craftsmen of the 9th.

December 2022

Marquis Paris gives his take on Bonâme

Marquis Paris, Parisian in all her splendor, lover of beautiful clothes and keen on culture in general, has done us the honor of writing an article on Bonâme.

It highlights Germaine Desgranges, my ancestor, a gifted and unique sculptor who gave up her career as an artist too early to embrace a more traditional female destiny.

Germaine is one of our sources of inspiration, probably even more than I thought. And it is this aspect that Marquis Paris reveals in his article which speaks of a silent muse, in the background of my creative process.

Marquis Paris, illustrating this article written with his sober and captivating pen, appears in an ensemble created especially for the occasion. To see the photo gallery of Marquis Paris as Germaine Desgranges, click here !

An article not to be missed!

November 2022

Obtaining the Made in Paris label

For the 3rd consecutive year, the City of Paris has recognized Bonâme for the “Made in Paris” label. After the heroines collection in 2020, the Colette collection in 2021, it is the Cléo collection and its theatrical and colorful universe, imbued with the style of the muse of the Belle époque that the City has chosen to reward.

September 2022

Heritage Days at Paris City Hall

As an artisan labeled Made in Paris, Bonâme was selected by the City of Paris to exhibit its creations during heritage days.

For the first time, the City opened its exhibitions to exhibit a selection of certified products of which we had the honor of being a part.

May 2022

Bonâme x Gabrielle Artisan Leatherworker

WithGabrielle Artisan Maroquinier , we share the same commitments: up-cycling and made in France. Neighbors of the workshop, in the heart of the 9th, we have created an elegant ensemble: the Sand dress in white chintz poplin entwined with a belt in vibrant orange taurillon leather. All giving a chic, casual and very pretty look for summer.

February 2022

Conference at the Fertile City

Invited by the CELSA NOMOS festival, Eleni Moratadu, Professor at the Faculty of Letters and I debate the vast subject of fashion and its representations in communication, its paradoxes and its challenges today in the face of climate emergencies. The theme of the conference:“narrating fashion and luxury, conflicting imaginations”.

winter 2021

The costumes of “Why Camille”

One of Bonâme's deep roots is the love of costumes. So it’s always a pleasure to get back into it. I created the costumes for the play "Why Camille" , a contemporary work by Philippe Bluteau, a beautiful text in Alexandrines which plunges us into a closed-door night between Lucille Desmoulins and Robespierre. The play for the 2nd year on display at the Pixel theater With Kelly Rovera and Manon Glauninger.

June 2021

Bonâme x Maison de Colette

Bonâme is starting an exclusive collaboration with Maison de Colette in Saint-Sauveur-en Puisaye in Burgundy. Birthplace of the writer, place where she came to recharge her batteries, breeding ground of her inspiration. Bonâme revisits the Claudine collar of the heroine of Colette's first novels by creating a removable collar in ecru cotton twill tied with colored grosgrain ribbons.

May 2021


Holi brand is an off-the-beaten-path podcast, created by Candice Meyer. She explores new approaches, inviting project leaders to talk about the deep roots of their brands, putting them into perspective with the context of today's market.

I was honored to have this platform for expression, in such a qualitative media project.

December 2020

Report France 3

The team from the France 3 show “Together is better” comes to film a report in my workshop. Live with the set, I present my inspirations, my creations and my way of working.

(Video sequences: 2'20, 16'02, 26' and 42'20).

September 2020

Heritage Days

For the second year in a row, Bonâme is exhibiting at the Fondation Thiers. The brand's iconic silhouettes, historical and contemporary, are the subject of a discovery tour by era and inspiration. From Juliette Récamier and her empire dresses to Colette and her delicate blouses, revisited to be worn over jeans.

Leather craftswoman GabriElle has teamed up with Bonâme to present her leather work, exhibiting her accessories and bags made by hand in carefully selected leathers.

Art and confinement

Bonâme distinguished by the Musée d’Orsay

During confinement, interpretations of works of art flourished on the internet. Bonâmle took part in the exercise by choosing the great masters of the 19th century: Manet and his portraits of Berthe Morisot, Boldini and his society portraits from the end of the century. The Musée d'Orsay and the magazine Connaissance des Arts have distinguished Berthe Morisot's interpretation of the bouquet of violets as one of the most beautiful achievements of the spring 2020 artistic challenge.

Covid 19 Solidarity

Bonâme supports local effort

From March to June 2020, Bonâme contributes to local mutual aid by manufacturing fabric masks, to equip traders and workers in its neighborhood.

Upcycling and AFNOR standards combine to produce around 300 masks.

Heritage Days 2019

Bonâme and crafts

The Dosnes-Thiers Foundation invites Bonâme and her heroine costumes during Heritage Days.

I'm taking this opportunity to gather around me the Art artisans of the 9th. For two days, the artisanal gesture was in the spotlight: our fabrics and ribbons rubbed shoulders with rare papers, precise punches, supple leathers or even clouds of strung pearls... Atelier Valentin and its embroidery of exception, Florent Rousseau and his contemporary binding, Gabrielle and her leather creations or even Christelle Caillot and her beautiful gypsy jazz guitars.

May 2019

Celebration of the Offenbach bicentenary

The children of the 9th arrondissement parade in 19th century costume. All dressed by Bonâme, they walked the streets in tails, waistcoats, frills and top hats for the boys, belle époque ensembles, romantic or empire dresses for the girls.

They appropriated the style of elegant Parisians in homage to the musician of German origin and Parisian by adoption, official composer of the Second Empire.

May 2018

The very beginnings

My little workshop is still just an experimental laboratory where I carry out research on fabrics and historical silhouettes.

I create costumes for children who are my favorite guinea pigs and act as occasional models for me.

For the 19th century parade of neighborhood festivals in the 9th arrondissement, Bonâme created Belle Epoque & Empire costumes for heroines and gentlemen.