The Bonâme wardrobe

A garment that stands the test of time

Welcome to my home.

Here, I celebrate the passion for creation, unique women and the soul of beautiful clothing.

I am inspired by the great artists of our history because their style spans the ages.

I also think that style is eternal and that past, present and future come together.

I only manufacture in France, and in a short circuit and never compromise on the quality of the fabric.

Because Bonâme clothing is eco-responsible, designed to be kept for a lifetime.

Its style is timeless and its quality lasting.

Gaëlle, Frankfurt

I wore the Juliette dress to a wedding and I got nothing but compliments

purchase: Juliette liberty dress Giverny

Laurence, Nice

“What I love is the quality of the products, the finish and also the fact that it is made with upcycled fabrics”

purchase: white George shirt

Gwenaëlle, Paris

Terrific, well cut, original!

purchase: Sand dragee blouse

Isabelle, Paris

"We fell in love with these creations inspired by free women, made in Paris and eco-responsible. Lovely accessories to offer, beautiful pieces that mark a wardrobe!"

purchase: cléo blouse in polka dot print silk


Creations inspired by the great heroines of the history of Art to highlight the style of unique women


Local manufacturing in Paris and the Paris region to support French manufacturing and minimize the carbon footprint


100% of our fabrics come from end of stock from major French fashion houses.