period costume

The Bonâme project started with a dive into period costume. Devouring costume history books, scouring fashion museums, admiring paintings from all centuries, I have nourished myself there since childhood like a little animal in the care of its mother.

For two years, my workshop became a real costume laboratory where I studied shapes, cuts, details to immerse myself in all the richness of fashion history.

I tested this research on children's costumes. Through numerous parades, events and other parties, a whole series of Bonâme silhouettes began to take shape

the costume gallery

Shapes laboratory

Fashion invents little. On the other hand, it draws endlessly on the historical sources of costume. And recycles the shapes and ideas of yesteryear by articulating them with today's uses and styles.

I am extremely respectful of this heritage that we too often pass over in silence through ignorance or negligence.

In my workshop, the history of fashion has a corner just for it in the form of books, iconography or samples of all kinds.

the Bonâme inspired lab