respect the soul of beautiful clothing.


I love fabric and the art of shapes . Also, I design my clothes as beautiful creations, pleasant to wear and which reveal the magnetism of women.

I respect the material and take care of the structure of my clothes so that they accompany the silhouettes and reveal beauty.

I am convinced that style is eternal and that past, present and future come together. The silhouettes are inspired by the great artists: these extraordinary women, animated by the fire of creation, free, passionate and terribly stylish who paved the way for us. It's our turn to bring style and allure to life.

I only manufacture in an ultra-short and local circuit to have relationships of trust and mutual knowledge with our manufacturers: in Paris and the Paris region.

I only use choice fabrics : dormant stock from fashion houses, or great upholsterers, scraps of old and precious fabrics.

I claim to defend French know-how , the country of fashion and creation for centuries. I would like to do everything I can to revitalize the French clothing industry and ensure that knowledge of clothing continues to be passed on.



Our raw materials (fabric and haberdashery) come only from dormant stocks (end of rolls from fashion houses, upholsterers, weavers and trimmings), from coupons and scraps or from old fabrics and ribbons found in flea markets or antique dealers.

So we only consume the available resource.

We work with the UPTRADE and NONA SOURCE platforms which resell unused stocks from LVMH houses or other high-end manufacturers.

Original and cultural creation

All our models are designed in our workshop by Victoria Bonnamour and are original creations. We do not seek to follow a fashion, to adapt to a trend but to transcribe the singularity and personality of women.

Our clothes are designed to match their desires, at different times in their lives.

So, as we draw from all eras, there are clothes in our wardrobe for several desires. Fluid or structured, loose or tight, minimalist or sophisticated...the Bonâme style is a unique style, chic, an allure.

Manufacturing Made in France

Textile manufacturing is a real challenge today. Local, it is expensive. Further away, it is more affordable but does not create jobs in France and consumes CO2.

At Bonâme manufacturing is strictly local, in local workshops. By conviction, by attachment to French textile know-how, by ecological commitment as well.

It's a challenge every month but a tenacious commitment to contribute on our scale to the relocation of textile production.

Innovation and sharing

Bonâme looks both behind by nourishing itself with the cultural roots of fashion, and ahead by immersing itself in the innovations of the textile industry.

We are an active member of FASHION GREEN HUB, an organization working for a better future of the textile industry.

In our processes, we use the hand, pure craftsmanship but also innovative digital technologies when they allow the saving of resources, the limitation of waste or the best adaptation to our customers.

Committed at the local level to the promotion of craftsmanship and transmission, we open our workshop for courses, initiations or moments of sharing around themes that are dear to us: creation, culture, Art.