all the women that we are

The stuff of heroines

Through clothing, Bonâme tells the story of women's stories.

Those of my family and others.

These women burning with a creative fire, who opened the road for us and built the bridges we use today

all the story

Who is Bonâme?

my heroines

Bonâme is a story about women, with a capital F.

There is Germaine, Frédérique, Berthe, Camille, Aurore, Joséphine, Nikki, Tamara, Olympe, Annie, Sonia, Virginia, Suzanne, Anne-Véronique, Elizabeth, Louise, Lee, Kikki, Colette, Juliette,...

Artists, ancestors, mothers, cousins, sisters, forgotten or celebrated heroines, creators with atypical destinies...the clothes that I imagine pay homage to them, by merging period lines with today's cuts.

Clothing has always been an envelope, an affirmation, a protection, a staging. Each era has its own aesthetic finds and also its muses.

I draw my inspiration from period costume but also from the history of these women, their words.

Each of my creations builds an invisible bridge between the past and the present, to blur the boundaries between what we inherit from those who came before us and how we shape that heritage today.

my story

Bonâme was born from scraps of memories accumulated since my childhood.

A family line of painters and sculptors practicing their art since the mid-19th century.

A place: a beautiful, mysterious house, anchored on the edge of a mountain lake. My ancestors lived there, set up their workshops and creations there, I spent endless summers there....

The story of a 2-year-old child, my mother, born there, in the middle of the war, surrounded by the women of the family, who are getting by, while the men have gone off to fight.

A loving and whimsical godmother, painter and decorator, whose lair is a workshop filled with tubes of color, dye trays, books on stories, women, fashion and fabrics...

All this has nourished the Bonâme project: allowing each person to free their imagination by slipping into the shoes of yesterday's heroines and today's inspirations.