The stuff of heroines speaks of women and their creative force. She talks about childhood and maturity. She talks about sadness and joys. Mourning and rebirth. Bonâme is a terribly personal project and also terribly universal because it is aimed at all women.

My name is Victoria, I am French. I grew up in an environment that was classic, restrained but vibrant with artistic values ​​and imbued with the permanent search for Beauty. Or eccentricity, the freedom to think the fire of creation were in permanent collusion with the weight of what is left unsaid and conventions. I studied, passed diplomas and reached milestones. I worked in international groups, walked the cold and impersonal corridors of office buildings, studied in beauty product production factories, clothing workshops, for prestigious and coveted brands.

Throughout this journey, I never stopped creating, intermittently, for myself, drawing in my notebooks, painting, sewing, constantly imagining. Like an irrepressible need for air but without ever allowing myself to fully express this artistic magma which constantly bubbled up inside me and sometimes escaped.

Until the gap becomes untenable by working in rational, cerebral functions and by bending myself to understand the creativity and desires of others.

So creation imposed itself on me, like a core of absolute necessity, an instinct for survival. All these women who coexisted within me had to express themselves. My ancestors, my grandmother, my mother, my sister, my aunt, my best friend, my neighbor.

The soul of women, their beauty and their strength is everywhere and my vector is the clothing, the costume, the fabrics, these envelopes, these armors or these second skins with which they have always adorned themselves to express themselves, to be themselves , blur the lines or on the contrary reveal themselves. 

This is why the appearance of women through the ages touches me deeply. Whether they are queens, artists, women of the people, children or elders.

This is why I created Bonâme, a wardrobe which draws its inspiration from the history of women, their contribution to the world. Of all these women who preceded us and whose heritage we carry while transforming it in our own way to transmit it in turn to those who follow us.

Because clothing is fun, it's a game. Because it's so exhilarating to be able to be all these women and to feel that an invisible link connects us to the past and the future.


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