I discovered Cléo de Mérode recently. I was then working on the relationship between dance and fashion and during my research, it appeared. Muse, muse, adored dancer. Photographed and painted numerous times, paralyzing many admirers with her beauty, both piquant and angelic. The image search displayed on my computer screen series of this photograph of her, in black velvet, with her large leg-of-mutton sleeves, cinched waist and direct gaze.

I love the spirit of mystery and seduction that this woman exudes. Sometimes ingenuous, seductive, graceful and theatrical. Posing in spectacular and sophisticated outfits, or in stage costume. Playing Salomé, Cléopâtre-Diane de Mérode fascinated an entire era.

The volumes seen in Reutlinger's series of photographs are the origin of the Cléo line, named after her, with strong, full colors, sumptuous Victorian shapes and rich, dense fabrics. So robust cotton satins to support the volume of the lamb sleeves of the Cléo Jacket. Or even silk taffeta that makes the colors of the Cleo midi skirt vibrate, a paneled skirt that opens out at the back thanks to a series of flat pleats that form a pretty curve and give movement to the skirt when you walk ...

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